September 2014 saw the first ever Dystonia Awareness Month

Two group members took the opportunity to raise funds for research, create a greater awareness of Dystonia and have some fun while doing it.

Dystonia awareness month

The owner of curves fitness (left) Ruth Ann (right)

Ruth Ann on the right in black top got creative in creating awareness for Dystonia and raising funds for research. After persuading the owner of her local Curves gym in San Jose to allow her to make a wall of petals, Ruth Ann went to her local craft store and purchased the petals.

Back to the gym, where members could if they wanted to, donate towards research for Dystonia by purchasing a petal at their chosen donation level and signing their petal if they wished. Their petal was then pinned to the honor wall of petals.

In addition to this Ruth Ann also set up an information table with literature on Dystonia and the Foundation. Thanks to Ruth Ann, more people know about Dystonia and more funds went to research.

Greg & Alicia

– Greg & Alicia

Greg wanted to do something to make it count. With less than three weeks to make things happen he set about planning, organizing and getting the word out that he would putting on a “Barn Dance” in order to create awareness about Dystonia and hopefully raise some funds for research.

With the help of his wife Alicia, Greg did just that, succeeding beyond all expectations raising funds, creating awareness and all while having a fun night where everyone had a great time with nobody wanting it to end.

Barn Dance: we're just getting started

Barn Dance: we’re just getting started

A Big Thank You To ALL The Volunteers 

And To All That Contributed To Make 2014 Awareness Month a Success

Look out for September 2015 Barn Dance, which Greg promises will be bigger and better.   He does, after all, have more than three weeks to plan.