Group Rules and Info

We have a few simple rules that we all follow:

The group is your group and everyone is of equal importance.

Everyone is welcome, family, friends, and healthcare providers.

Everyone must ensure the confidentiality of the group.

No members contact information will be shared without first getting their consent to do so.

Mutual respect: No one should ever feel that they are obligated or “have to”, speak or do anything that they are not comfortable with. We understand that while some are happy to undertake certain tasks, others are not. And that’s just fine, no one is judged on what they do, or do not do.

Note: Please feel free to do whatever you need to do to be comfortable including standing up, moving around, walking around, etc. because we understand how Dystonia can be painful and we don’t want anyone to be in pain during the meeting.

Whilst it is a short meeting some people who have perhaps left home without breakfast or travelled a little further like to take the opportunity for a snack. This is entirely optional and I encourage everyone if they choose to bring their own snack, travel mug with hot drink or bottled water it is entirely up to you if you choose to do this or not.